Abstract Insomniac

Yo Niggas(; Just kidding, I'm Desiree' (desi or Ray for short) 15, Georgia, Cutter, suicidal, but I'm pulling through with the help of music and friends. I just want someone to help me believe life's worth living. Give me a reason to live! Athiest, Pansexual, I'm pretty chill.(: Follow me, talk to me.(:
Anonymous asked: You're the only other Athiest Pansexual from Vidalia I know omg


Lol It happens lmao

dizzydreamerwithbabyscars97 asked: Hi there! This is The Hamburger Man lol :) I got you something that I think you will like :) I'll give you it when I see you. Kk bye! P.S. I am really bored soooo decided to send you this :)


Lol Hey Tiffany!(: Maybe you can stay with me next weekend?

Never get too attached to a band because they all break up..

Unless it’s like.. Metallica or some shit like that. In that case, Rock on!

Reblog if you’re bored and you want anons.



Or non anons, whatever lifts your skirt

just don’t overdo it though XD

(via dizzydreamerwithbabyscars97)



the best places for one direction

  • australia
  • uk
  • japan


My bed.

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